Tips to use

CCleaner has been very effective tool when it comes to fixing registry errors and freeing some space from the hard disk. It is obvious by the way this software works that there should be more to this software than one can think off. With its very easy to use interface and its modest options and advanced settings, it is a great and speedy program that could solve many of your problems for you. Some of its features will be discussed here.

Clean Unwanted Files

The first tab opens, is the cleaning the hard drive. It is not wiping off the data, (although there is an option of doing that as well) instead, it is clearing the disk space of unwanted or temporary data. If you watch films online or use Winrar software for extraction of some files, then your temporary folder should be of a really big size. The problem with temporary folder files is that they are not as temporary as they look, and most often one has to remove them manually. CCleaner addresses this problem efficiently by giving the user a selection option. The users are allowed to select what temporary and internet files they want to delete from the system. For that you need to press the button ‘Analyze’. The software analyzes the unwanted files and informs you about how much space will be free after cleaning. Next, just to press the ‘Run Cleaner’ button and a good amount of space is freed.

Dealing with Cookies and Registry

CCleaner could also deal with the cookies. The default settings let the software clean all the cookies, but there might be some cookies that you might want to save for future use. The software allows you to find the cookies you want to save, by choosing the Cookies Tab in Options tab. One can whitelist the cookies that are not to be deleted and CCleaner will always ignore them whilst cleaning.

Using a registry cleaner could be troublesome. There are many different reasons as to why one should not deal with registry settings unless they are real experts. However, if you are left with no choice, then CCleaner could certainly help you. It again analyses the probable error in the registry and inform about the errors in a list. CCleaner has the option of fixing many of the registry errors, and it could be done one by one or by simply choosing the option of ‘Fix All’. The software is a safe method for fixing registries, as it allows one to save a complete backup of the present registry before fixing anything. This way one can restore the settings if anything goes wrong.

Other Important Features

One thing that unsettles many computer users is the unknown programs that run in the startup, which not only consumes a lot of memory, but slows down the computer. If you cannot find a way of getting rid of these startup programs, you can always disable these programs from running at all. CCleaner lists all the startup programs when the operating system starts. They could be disabled, enabled or deleted permanently using this software. Other than that, the software can be used to wipe clean the hard drives, install/uninstall files and many other tasks.