How to Effortlessly Get Rid Of the Bloatware in Your System

no-more-bloatware-32Upon buying a new laptop, you must be excited to switch it on and start exploring it. However, what disheartened you was the screen cluttered with many programs that either you never installed or asked the seller do it.

Well, that’s quite a common thing that most of the new laptop or desktop owners go through. These are the preinstalled programs besides the OS that occupy space and “bulk up” your system, collectively known as bloatware.

It is something that most of the PC users aren’t aware of, or never ever use. As a matter of fact, the bloatware can also have a great impact on the performance of your PC. It requires extra memory and hard-disk space and has unnecessary large files, which altogether can slow down your PC.

Identifying the Bloatware

This is the very first step if you actually want to get rid of the bloatware in your system. You need to identify and pick them out. Now, what actually constitutes bloatware or useless programs is quite a relative and subjective matter. It depends on the users’ preferences and choice. Yet, there are few criteria through which you can easily figure them out.

Say for an instance, all the programs that you don’t use are bloatware for your PC. There are many software applications, anti-viruses, etc. that can be preinstalled on your system. However, if you don’t use them, they are bloatware.

Similarly, the program that self-destruct themselves and can’t be used beyond a trial period is a bloatware for your system. Hence, it’s all about the usability of the program or the software in your system.

Remember! Even a fully functional and useful program can be a blotware on your system, if you prefer any other program over it. Say for an example, your system has a preinstalled anti-virus of a particular company, but you want to use a different one. Then again, the pre-installed anti-virus is a bloatware that you needn’t have in your system.

Getting Rid Of the Bloatware

There are numerous ways to get rid of these annoying and useless programs. Which of those you prefer, depends on your own choice. The first thing that you need to do is be specific with the seller that there are no programs installed, which you cannot use it on a daily basis. Many sellers allow their customers to on the configurations, programs, and in-fact each and every aspect of the system, they are buying.

If that is not done, then you can manually uninstall those programs from your system’s control panel. However, there can be some preinstalled bloatware that you mightn’t be allowed to uninstall. Hence, to remove them, you may just start your PC in the ‘safe mode’, and then get rid of them using ‘add or remove programs’ option.

Above all, the final option can be to reinstall the windows in your system. It will wipe out all such unnecessary files, and then you can enjoy a whole new experience of using your system.