Is your PC getting too slow? People often do not realize that this is because of the computer registry being full of useless data. This is the place where CCleaner comes to help you out! Just find the copy of CCleaner free download and clean your personal computer of laptop right away.

Computers are just like any other machines, which is a fact that most of their users are oblivious to. And just like any other machine, computers too suffer from problems of regular wear and tear. These sorts of problems are most often caused by prolonged usage. CCleaner, on the other hand, is the perfect antidote to all such problems and issues related to computers and their performance. The software program is helpful in dealing with internal issues that plague most hard drives over time. Below is an in-depth look at CCleaner’s features and hallmarks.

Why Get CCleaner Free Download?

Piriform, makers of the CCleaner program, have gained wide acclaim from a number of users and organizations for their landmark creation. It is a most unique piece of software with the best part being that it is completely free of cost. The couple of different ways to download such software include the official page, best bittorrent client, private torrent tracker and regular software download sites.

The main objective of CCleaner free download is to fix or even remove any kind of problematic program. However, the program is also popular for its feature of PC optimization. This term refers to a certain set of operations performed on the computer that help to keep it running in a most efficient and glitch free manner. Using the program also ensures that a computer does not suffer from slowdowns and maintains an optimum speed throughout its operating life. Some of the features of this program are discussed below.

Important Features

Virus & Registry Cleaner

Viruses and malicious programs have been an age old problem for computers. A virus is basically a malicious computer program made with the intent of destroying or causing damage to the internal software structure of a computer. Originally created by hackers and other specialists, viruses can be dealt with successfully by the latest version of CCleaner download.

Each virus has its own specialty and purpose. Most viruses are programmed to destroy a file(s) stored on a particular computer and in most cases these files are vital to the proper functioning of the computer. Deleting them renders the computer useless and it can be used again only after extensive software restorations and repairs. There are also some other viruses made to collect the data stored on a computer. This data theft can be used for financial or any other type of misappropriation. However, there are also certain other sets of viruses that are created to serve one purpose only; to scare computer users. The rise in popularity of the internet also led to the birth and rapid spread of a number of viruses and other security threats. Some of the viruses on the internet are deployed to collect sensitive private information related to bank accounts, credit cards or even passwords.

All these types of viruses are dealt with successfully by the CCleaner free download. Having this program on a PC will ensure its complete safety from hackers trying to get access to private information. The internet also gave rise to a number of applications like CCleaner. Classic examples are Kaspersky, Norton, Avast and AVG.

The spurt in the release of viruses hit the peak in the early 2000s. Post this period, many of the aforementioned software companies hired the services of top hackers to design protection programs which they later sold to millions of laptop users. Although there has been a reduction in the number of powerful viruses, there has been an unfortunate rise in the number of malicious programs that get installed on computers through the internet. The threat from such spywares and malwares can be greatly neutralized with the use of a program like CCleaner free download.

Protection from Spyware

Spywares work in a manner that is very similar to the way in which viruses operate. However, there lies a difference here. Spywares most often work in a silent manner. Users are not aware of their presence for a long time and the knowledge of their presence often comes across too late to prevent damage.

That is one reason why having CCleaner installed on a computer is such a worthwhile idea. One of the most proven ways to avoid spywares on a PC is by periodically deleting all records and information pertaining to the ‘browsing session’ and ‘temporary internet files’ sections and manually scouring data files for suspicious software.

While the above methods are ideal, they are not always practical. Not everyone has the time or resources to do the above on a consistent basis. This is where a software program like CCleaner steps in. This program ensures that a computer is completely cleaned of all suspicious and malicious programs that otherwise significantly hamper the performance of a PC. By informing and obtaining the user’s content, the program removes all programs that are featured in the ‘black list’, which contains the names of all suspicious and malicious programs and is sourced from the internet. This not only ensures the best kind of safety for the computer but also speeds up its performance many times over.

Computer Optimization

CCleaner free download also specializes in optimizing a computer for the fastest performance. This optimization is achieved by organizing all the contents of a computer in an orderly manner. Just like a well-organized cabinet allows for easy finding of files and documents, the organization of a computer’s contents also help in quick location of the desired file in addition to quick overall performance. The program ensures that all the computer’s programs are running in a smooth and efficient manner. In other words, using the free CCleaner regularly leads to a balanced computer.

More about Optimization

Optimization can also be performed by users. However, it would require a high level of knowledge on their part and not everyone has access to the same. This is why a program like CCleaner is immensely useful as it has been coded to perform all optimization operations by itself.

Regular usage over the years with installations and uninstallations of many programs can cause even the most powerful of computers to slow down. With regular use of CCleaner, one can kiss goodbye to a slow and sluggish computer as it removes the digital trash that tends to accumulate over the years.

Piriform has created CCleaner with a unique mission; to ensure the smooth operation of a laptop. And taking a cue from the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’, it would be worth the user’s while to have this program installed on their hard disks.